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Local and Organic: We’re Deeply Committed.

Part of what we love about our business is the opportunity to support local farmers.

We work with more than 75 local farms and providers within 150 miles of our stores, and have relationships with several incubation kitchens that also support local farms and producers. We provide our customers the freshest, in-season produce picked at its peak. In fact, much of our local produce is delivered within 24 hours after it’s picked. Depending upon the time of year, we offer up to 50 different varieties of locally-grown vegetables and fruit that are harvested in a manner to ensure food safety and freshness.

All growers are required to have, at a minimum, an annual third-party Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) audit performed to be included in our locally-grown program. We also work with more than 40 organic suppliers and offer a truly local option for many categories that are tailored by store, including: milk; yogurt; honey; coffee (locally roasted); pasta sauce; pickles; peppers; and more.

Additionally, in the center of the store business at Market District, we have utilized local suppliers to drive innovation and stay ahead of, and on trend, by offering: fermented vegetables; Kraut and Kimchi; Kombuch; Paleo/Grain-free Granola; Peruvian Purple Corn teas (blended locally); and Vegan Cashew-based spreads.

We also offer MORE THAN 200 ORGANIC OWN BRANDS products and items to our customers, which include the following natural products, which are just some of what we offer:

  • READY NUTRITION, Wexford, PA: Protein powders, bars, drinks, and healthy snacks
  • ABOUT TIME, Pittsburgh, PA: Protein powders and drinks
  • NUGO NUTRITION, Oakmont, PA: Nutrition Bars
  • ABBOTT, Columbus, OH: EAS, ZonePerfect and Ensure products
  • SPAROOM, Cleveland, OH, supplier of our diffusers and essential oils


In 2016, Giant Eagle began a pilot project with 412 Food Rescue with seven of our Pittsburgh area stores and one of our retail support centers. This Pittsburgh-based organization’s mission is to prevent viable fresh food from entering the waste stream. In addition to food recovery, 412 Food Rescue creates markets for previously unsellable fruits and vegetables through a Community Support Agriculture (CSA) program, gleans from previously unharvested city trees, and offers a food education program that teaches cooking skills, as well as tips for avoiding food waste at home.

Transported by a growing network of volunteers who utilize a unique Food Rescue Hero mobile app, 412 Food Rescue directly transfers foods to non-profit partners that serve those who are food insecure. This also impacts the environment by preventing the food from going to the landfills. Volunteers arrive at Giant Eagle’s stores daily, to pick up fresh food, including fruits, vegetables, breads and dairy items, and then distribute those items to local food pantries and social service agencies.

Since 2016, Giant Eagle has donated more than 180,000 POUNDS OF FOOD and PROVIDED NEARLY 152,000 MEALS to 412 Food Rescue, and we plan to have pick-up service available at 50 OF OUR STORES by the end of 2017.

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