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Diverting Waste

Giant Eagle’s Waste to Animal Feed Program has resulted in the Carmel, Indiana Market District location’s ability to divert more than 165 tons of produce waste for animal feed during 2017. Because of its success, this program has been expanded to include bakery, dairy and deli areas for specific products that will further support the diversion of waste from the landfills.

Praise For Giant Eagle

Organix Recycling is teaming up with Giant Eagle in efforts to increase landfill diversion rates by recycling food waste. The food waste Organix collects at Giant Eagle will be used as a cattle feed supplement. The use of the discarded bakery, vegetables and fruits is blended with other commodities, such as hay, to make complete ration for the farms. This low-cost feed replacement can save feedlots and dairies up to 50% of their current feed expenses by removing the need to buy corn or other expensive commonly used commodities. On the average, it takes 40 pounds a day per cow of the recycled food waste. This translates to what a herd of 500 cattle will consume, which is over 70 tons of food waste per week. Recycling unsold produce is truly a sustainable practice, it provides cost savings for Giant Eagle and the feedlots, as well as protects our natural resources by diverting waste from the landfill.

— Matt Hedricks, Organix

“Trex was built upon sustainable principles more than 25 years ago, and we continue that legacy today with numerous community initiatives nationwide. Throughout the years, Giant Eagle has played a vital role in many of these important efforts, which have saved millions of pounds of plastic waste from ending up in landfills. Together with Giant Eagle, we’ve been able to make a positive environmental impact in the communities that both of our customers call home.”

— Samara Norman, Trex Company

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