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Giant Eagle acknowledges the incredible value of our Team Members’ dedication, service and loyalty through a variety of programs that highlight their milestones and achievements. In August each year, Giant Eagle recognizes multiple retail locations and individuals for their outstanding work in several categories through our Annual Awards. Some award categories include: Retail Operational Excellence; Young Professional Rising Star; and Team Member Development. This past year, we included a brand-new series of awards that relate to our Company’s Core Values: Be Kind, Think Team, Step Up, Work Smart and Live Well.


“I feel fortunate to be with Giant Eagle for so many years. It is important to me that the Company makes every effort to always “do the right thing”. Personally, I always feel that I am treated with respect, and that opinions are heard.”

— Howard Wolf, 40-Year Wall Inductee & Proud Team Member since 1974

In 2017, one team won the year’s top award—the Chairman Entrepreneurial Leadership & Innovation Award. This team worked tirelessly in a short amount of time to bring wine sales to our Pennsylvania stores. And, because of their efforts, Giant Eagle and Market District customers now have the convenience of purchasing wine while grocery shopping. Their efforts, along with all the 2017 Annual Award winners, were formally recognized at a luncheon in their honor.

Team Members with 20 years of service or more are publicly recognized at our annual years of service luncheons in Pittsburgh and Cleveland. At these luncheons, Team Members are also inducted into our 40-Year Wall—a permanent Giant Eagle family tree for Team Members with 40 years of service or more. This tree is displayed in the lobby of our corporate headquarters and includes names and photos of many of our Team Members with 40 or more years of service. Team Members also receive a pin to commemorate their induction into the 40-Year Wall.

We recognize the tenure of all our Team Members by giving service gifts to those with five or more years of service and a personalized letter as Team Member’s reach their first anniversary with Giant Eagle.


The committee for Economic Development of The Conference Board honored CEO, Laura Karet and Giant Eagle, with the Leadership in the Nation’s Interest Award. This business public policy organization recognizes business executives who lead their companies with the utmost integrity and purpose, and champion issues for the common good.

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