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At Giant Eagle, we expect everyone to conduct themselves with the highest degree of ethical behavior and integrity. The way we conduct our business and how we treat one another—our Team Members, customers, communities, shareholders, and business partners—is essential to maintaining a culture based on trust and respect.


team member safety

Our Team Members are working smarter and safer every day by taking ownership of their work areas. We’ve also taken additional steps to create a safer work environment and have reinforced our Safety Standards at Giant Eagle, Market District and GetGo with ongoing training and communications.

We continue to hold safety and food safety coaching and education sessions in our stores and retail support centers, as well as a Company-wide Stretch of the Month program. This program includes stretching and lifting techniques advised by a physical therapist, which helps prevent and reduce Team Member accidents.

We also utilize our safety equipment, strong workplace design practices, and our Safety Champions, whom are select Team Members that regularly walk through the stores to advocate for safety, and help our locations achieve the necessary measures to become safety-certified. Safety compliance audits and prevention assessments are conducted annually in all locations to verify adherence to regulatory requirements and proven safety practices.


To help keep our customers safe, we continue to identify new technology and methods, such as the recent roll-out of adhesive mats in our supermarket, as opposed to the previously carpeted ones. The adhesive mats have greatly reduced the number of customer slip and fall incidents because they are much more absorbent.

Additionally, we use in-store signage and proactive communications, such as brochures to outline simple safety precautions, including shopping cart safety for children. And, upon request, our Team Members will escort customers to their cars.

food and product safety

We strive to provide our customers with the freshest, most wholesome food and best products available. This commitment encompasses all areas of our business from our stores and retail support centers to our transportation and vendors. We’ve instituted sound food safety standards in every area of our supply chain, and follow strict processes for cleaning and sanitizing, as well as temperature control.

Additionally, our stores and retail support centers are audited regularly to ensure food safety standards are consistently met so that our customers can feel confident that their health and safety are always top of mind at Giant Eagle.

pharmacy safety

Our Pharmacy Team Members participate in continuous education and robust pharmacy safety training at the beginning, and throughout their career at Giant Eagle. Team Member and patient safety are at the cornerstone of our Core Values. We take great pride in our excellent safety record and constantly strive to increase accuracy, gain efficiencies and prevent incidents.

product recalls

Even though the United States has one of the safest product supplies in the world, sometimes products are recalled for health, safety or other reasons.

When this happens, Giant Eagle quickly removes the product from shelves, places a Point-Of-Sale block on the item, and alerts customers when there are potential health risks. Giant Eagle offers an alternative product when available, and does everything possible to improve the situation for our customers. In the event of a product recall, our robust Giant Eagle Advantage Card database enables us to rapidly contact
the vast majority of our customers, directly.

Fleet safety

Our drivers and mechanics are dedicated and committed to safety in every facet of what they do. The team is comprised of experienced professionals that use cutting-edge technology and instruction to keep the safety of our customers, community and the public, the top priority. Two years ago, we added cameras in all our Talon Logistics commercial fleet to improve safety, protect our drivers, and help prevent accidents. These cameras, as well as other technology, have allowed us to strengthen our safety training, by reviewing the recorded images and data.

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