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Giant Eagle Specialty Pharmacy provides patients with excellent care, convenience and personal support as they manage complex medical conditions, such as: Cancer; Hepatitis C; Rheumatoid Arthritis; Psoriasis; Crohn’s Disease; Multiple Sclerosis; HIV; Osteoporosis; and others.

Patients can choose to have their medications delivered directly to their homes, or they can pick up their medications at any of our Giant Eagle Pharmacy locations, where they can also receive personal support, including medication and specialized nutrition counseling.

We’ve received full Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation from the Utilization Review Accreditation Commission (URAC) and the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC), which are independent, nonprofit healthcare accrediting organizations that assess quality standards for the healthcare industry. And, recently, two of our pharmacists achieved the prestigious honor of being Certified Specialty Pharmacists (CSP) by the National Association of Specialty Pharmacy. NASP describes this certification as the following:

“The CSP credential is a key indicator to manufacturers, patients, payers, other healthcare providers, and to the public at large that a professional is an expert in specialty pharmaceuticals. It demonstrates proficiency in Specialty Pharmacy management duties in a variety of practice settings. Individuals who earn the CSP credential have demonstrated knowledge of the professional domains that encompass the tasks and knowledge required of a Specialty Pharmacy professional in various practice settings. By passing the CSP examination, pharmacy professionals not only display their aptitude in each specialized knowledge area, but also present their expertise in Specialty Pharmacy with a CSP credential.”

There are less than 200 CSP’s in the United States, and the certification allowed Giant Eagle to become a participant in the AETNA Specialty network. Giant Eagle is also the exclusive Specialty at Retail Pharmacy for select Highmark members.

With the increased societal need for enhanced healthcare services for the opioid crisis, Giant Eagle Specialty Pharmacy has expanded its services to assist those coping with addiction recovery, and now has a dedicated team to offer patients and providers enhanced healthcare services for addiction recovery.

Our Specialty Pharmacy services are designed to decrease the time our pharmacists spend on paperwork and increase the time they spend face-to-face with patients. We also fully support our patients’ administrative needs, and provide the following:

  • COORDINATED CARE (authorizations, coordination of financial assistance for patients with limited or no insurance, co-pay issues, and referrals)
  • ADHERENCE & COMMUNICATION (monitoring of refills and side effects; routine communication with doctor’s offices, insurance companies and patients)
  • PATIENT-FOCUSED SERVICES (educational materials, face-to-face pharmacist counseling, injection training, dietician and nutritional support/ therapy, and financial assistance for high-cost specialty medications)
  • CONVENIENCE & CHOICE (prescription pick-up at any Giant Eagle Pharmacy or home delivery; one-stop solution for medication needs and immunizations)
  • VALUE (Giant Eagle Specialty Pharmacy services are free and offer more than 35 years of pharmaceutical expertise and service)


“The recent access to an on-call 24-hour pharmacist was very important for me. I couldn’t get access to my doctor, but I could get to the pharmacist and that solved my problem for the weekend. It was great; they also saved me a fortune! They gave me coupons from the manufacturer of the drug I am taking. They were able to save me a lot of money, and I am so grateful!”

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