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Giant Eagle Pharmacy offers reward programs to thank customers and patients for their loyalty and business.

The reward programs were developed with patient safety in mind. It’s estimated that up to 50% of patients fill their prescriptions at multiple pharmacies. In order to increase patient safety, we encourage patients to fill all their prescriptions with us – and in return, we reward them for their loyalty. When all prescriptions are filled under one roof – we can look at a patient’s full profile, which allows us to better monitor drug interactions; ensure improved compliance with medication adherence; and conduct a full immunization review.

In addition to patient safety, Giant Eagle’s Pharmacy Loyalty program is intended to increase prescription count and customer retention, and help attract new customers.


Giant Eagle’s Pharmacy Loyalty program, RxRewards, was launched in 2017. Over the past year, we have revamped this program, as well as the fuelperks! loyalty program. The fuelperks! program is now the fuelperks+ program, which is more robust and inclusive; it rewards customers for their entire shopping experience, including groceries, gas and prescriptions. Instead of accumulating a discount on gas, customer now accumulate “perks” that can be redeemed on groceries or gas. RxRewards is being phased out, and the Pharmacy Reward will now be part of the fuelperks+ program. Fuelperks+ has already rolled out in Columbus, Akron-Canton, Erie, West Virginia, Maryland and Indiana.

Here’s how it works: There are two ways to earn perks at the pharmacy. You earn 1 perk for every $1 spent on out-of-pocket costs, including cash prescriptions or copays. Also, for every 5 qualifying prescriptions you fill, you will earn 50 perks*. These perks will be added towards your overall fuelperks+ rewards. 50 perks are equivalent to a 2% discount on groceries or 10 cents off per gallon. You may redeem a discount of up to 20% off any grocery purchase or up to 30 free gallons of gas**. Discounts accumulate and there is no limit on the amount you may earn! No enrollment is necessary; simply scan your Giant Eagle Advantage Card and your prescriptions will be tracked. Discounts expire on the last day of the month, two months after they are earned, and some exclusions apply

* The 50 perks reward is not valid on State and Federally funded prescriptions (including, but not limited to Medicare, Tricare, Medicaid and PACE).

** Discounts cannot be applied toward the purchases of any type of gift cards, telecom products, alcohol or tobacco products (except where permitted by law), price-controlled milk products (PA only), kerosene, Visa prepaid reloadable cards, any prescriptions including third party insurance or government programs such as Medicare, Tricare, Medicaid or PACE, lottery tickets, postage stamps, money orders, MoneyGram®, money transfer transactions, Redbox, amusement or entertainment tickets, Market District restaurant purchases, Market District Cooking School classes and wine dinner tickets, copy or fax machine service, delivery charges, fundraising activities, donations, returned check service fees, and other items prohibited by law.

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