Corporate Social Responsibility Statement & Sustainability Mission Statement 2017-12-15T02:45:09+00:00

Corporate Social Responsibility Statement

Building on our founders’ legacy, we strive to conduct our business with the highest ethical and business standards every day, and serve all our constituents to the very best of our abilities.

We want our Team Members to feel a deep sense of pride about the inclusive, diverse and rewarding place they work.

We want our customers to receive a great value, excellent service, the freshest products available and a rewarding omni-channel experience.

We want to improve people’s lives and neighborhoods in the many communities we serve.

We want our shareholders to know that through continued leadership, innovation and profitable growth, we will ensure our future success.

And, we want to be wise stewards and protectors of our environment.

Sustainability Mission Statement:

We are committed to doing business in socially and environmentally responsible ways that are good for our Team Members, customers, communities, shareholders and our planet.

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