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Ethics and Integrity


At Giant Eagle, we expect everyone to conduct themselves with the highest degree of ethical behavior and integrity. The way we conduct our business and how we treat one another—our Team Members, customers, communities, shareholders, and business partners—is essential to maintaining a culture based on trust and respect.

Giant Eagle Ethics

Ethical behavior simply means knowing the difference between right and wrong, and acting accordingly. This means we are honest, fair and kind in everything we do, and that we always treat people respectfully. Defining ethics this way encompasses many other principles vital to the Company, including: safety; inclusion and diversity; fairness; recognition; and open and honest two-way communication.

As a Company, we say what we mean, and we mean what we say … keeping our promises not only to our customers, but to each other. We show integrity by doing the right thing for our Team Members, customers, communities and our shareholders because we want everyone to feel respected, cared for, supported and safe.

Giant Eagle maintains a formal Ethics and Compliance program, led by our Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer and a committee. Our Code of Ethics and Compliance explains our expectations, policies and procedures regarding ethical and respectful behavior. Periodically, our Team Members must complete Giant Eagle’s Ethics training.

We also have a toll-free Ethics Action Line, which allows Team Members to raise questions anonymously, and report concerns about possible unethical behavior or situations. We are all responsible for speaking up and speaking out. A strong commitment to ethics and integrity allows our Company to remain strong and competitive … today and for many years to come.


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